cPanel/WHM Support

MikroVPS is proud to offer managed services on cPanel/WHM control panel based VPSs and dedicated servers.

Email/ticket support service is available 24/7/365. To submit or review your support tickets please visit our Client portal.


  • cPanel/WHM
    • Initial installation
    • Initial service optimization
    • Upgrade
    • Repair
    • Licensing
    • Troubleshooting of automated update and/or backup creation tasks
  • Mail services
    • Upgrade/reinstall exim MTA
    • Upgrade/reinstall Dovecot POP3 and IMAP service
    • Install/upgrade/reinstall/uninstall SpamAssassin
    • Install/upgrade/reinstall/uninstall ClamAV antivirus
    • Troubleshoot and repair mail delivery problems (note: problems caused by 3rd party mail scanning, filtering, products are not supported, custom delivery rules or ACLs are not supported)
    • Troubleshoot standard Roundcube/Horder webmail clients
  • Web service
    • Apache web server recompilation
    • PHP upgrade or recompilation with additional options/modules directly supported by cPanel's easyapache script
    • PHP configuration modification
    • ionCube installation/removal/upgrade
    • Zend Optimizer installation/removal/upgrade
    • eAccelerator installation/removal/upgrade
    • Troubleshoot and repair Apache/PHP installation and/or configuration (note: custom Apache configuration or modules are not supported)
  • MySQL
    • Upgrade MySQL version
    • Repair MySQL installation
    • Repair/optimize MySQL databases
    • Troubleshoot MySQL startup or connectivity issues
  • Nameserver
    • Install/upgrade/reinstall/uninstall named
    • Install/upgrade/reinstall/uninstall mydns
    • Install/upgrade/reinstall/configurate DNS cluster
    • Named, mydns configuration troubleshooting
  • FTP service
    • Upgrade/reinstall proftpd or pure-ftpd FTP server
    • Switch between pure-ftpd and proftpd
    • FTP service configuration troubleshooting (note: custom configuration rules or custom FTP server modules are not supported)
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